In the Mind of Energy

“This division of energy into actual and potential seems to me to be defective. It prevents the direct comprehension in the mind of energy as being motion and nothing else; it leaves unexplained how a body perfectly at rest can come to move; and further implies the dissipation of energy . . . in a new phase, for, if all the actual energy in the universe were to become potential, all the real and positive motions which constitute life might indefinitely cease.”

- George Iles, The Constancy of Motion, Popular Science Monthly, Volume 10, December 1876

Written for and premiered by Transient Canvas at the ALBA Music Festival.

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In the Mind of Energy- Score and Parts



Four Chicago Perspectives based on scenic views of the Windy City. Artist Tony Parra made awesome visual artwork based on the scenic photography providing another point of view to each movement.

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Performed by Rachel Miles (flute), Brian Woodbury (trombone), Joseph Woodward (cello), and Alexandra Brown (marimba).