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In the Mind of Energy

“This division of energy into actual and potential seems to me to be defective. It prevents the direct comprehension in the mind of energy as being motion and nothing else; it leaves unexplained how a body perfectly at rest can come to move; and further implies the dissipation of energy . . . in a new phase, for, if all the actual energy in the universe were to become potential, all the real and positive motions which constitute life might indefinitely cease.”

- George Iles, The Constancy of Motion, Popular Science Monthly, Volume 10, December 1876

Written for and premiered by Transient Canvas at the ALBA Music Festival.

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Perusal Score

In the Mind of Energy- Score and Parts


Sleep Dances

Sleep Dances expresses the idea of brain waves during the sleeping process. The piece begins with Beta Waves, which are found during activity, then progresses to Alpha Waves, Theta Waves (and K-spindles), and finally into Delta Waves.

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  • April 18, 2014 [Premiere], BYU Composition Seminar Showcase, BYU Clarinet Choir.

Romance Sonámbulo

A setting of the text of the same name by Federico García Lorca, Romance Sonambulo explores the relationships of words and ideas within the poet's bleak yet beautiful text.  Lorca contrasts the joys of nature to the persecutions of the Gypsies shortly before the Spanish Civil War.  For this and other poems seeking social change, Lorca was later assassinated. 

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  • March 14, 2014 [Premiere], Group for New Music: Student Edition, Monica Bennett, Zane Harker, Charlotte Heiner, Gatelyn Gentry, TJ Smith, Hunter Montgomery, Hannah Cope, Anna Dunford. 
  • March 14, 2015, To Another Place and Time, Monica Bennett, Zane Harker, Charlotte Heiner, Leslie Sampson, Brad Sampson, Aaron Clark, Lizzie Tutt, Alexandra Brown.
  • April 9th, 2016, Denney, Findley, Taylor, Ryan Gardner, Elena Blyskal, Andrew Eshbach, Kevin Gregory, Josh Schwartz, Dana Kaufman, Javier Chacon, Ryan Hecker.