A Statement and the Sound

A Statement and the Sound for group of performers and PowerPoint presentation deliberates the aesthetics of music in a nuanced and lively pre-recorded lecture on aesthetics. Some completely (un)intentional glitches might still need to be worked out…


  • June 17, 2019 by Mnemosyne Quartet, UMKC Composition Workshop, White Recital Hall, White Recital Hall at the University of Missouri-Kansas City, KCMO.


Pa-Hay-Okee refers to the site now known as the Florida Everglades. This word, from the Seminole language, translates to “grassy water,” describing the vast marshes filled with sawgrass and other plants. The sawgrass acts as a symbol for the entire natural region. Fields of sawgrass appear beautiful, but as implied in its name, each blade of grass can cut through flesh. In this complex habitat are both the breathtaking reeds, herons, turtles, and even manatees and flamingos as the glades approach the ocean. Yet, alligators and venomous snakes lurk within this formidable domain. My work captures this paradoxical beautiful danger through a mysterious, lyrical, and volatile interaction between the bassoonist and the live processing of the bassoon sound. All electronic sound in the piece derive from live input during the performance.

Improvisations VI: Just, Plane, Natural

Improvisations VI: Just, Plane, Natural manipulates the improviser's playing to be different partials of harmonic series. Though the performer is free to improvise within the bounds of good judgment, the form is dictated by the order of events in the Pure Data software.

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Improvisations V: Two-Track Mind

The second piece in my Improvisations set, this piece experiments with randomized, manipulated loops of material produced by the improviser.  These loops inherently create rhythms, and the improviser performs according to the rhythms.  As with the first improvisation, the form is set, making it a unique and identifiable piece.

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Improvisations IV: An Appeal to the [SOUND] Masses

This improvisation is fed through a Pd Extended patch, which processes, modulates, and loops the improvised sounds.  The structure is determined by a loop pedal, and the performer is encouraged to familiarize him or herself with this structure to take advantage of its unique qualities.

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