RF ISOLATION: Faraday Cage

for string quartet

A Faraday Cage allows a safe area from currents or transmissions.  For example, when lightning strikes an automobile, the driver will not be shocked, being in the vehicle.  The driver is surrounded by the charge—being inside the conductive material; however, the car acts as a Faraday Cage and isolates its interior from outside forces.  A musical example would be a safe haven from radio or telecommunication, an isolation from outside noises.

The piece is symbolic of the battle between the outside influences and voices that the world has to offer and the subtle, yet sublime inner peace that comes from following the values that resonate in the heart.  Each part yearns for inner peace while surrounded by the dissonance of its opposing parts.  Allusions to early chant music echo the search for peace that comes from hearkening to the ancient and eternal truths revealed by God.  The unison ending refers to the ultimate finding of tranquility through God.

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