This year has so far been a year of doors opening. The Frost Symphony Orchestra began rehearsing my Four Miniatures and a Prelude for a Somewhat Large Chamber Orchestra last week, and it is exhilarating to hear them work on it. It is rare for most composers to have an orchestral piece rehearsed multiple times before a performance. The premiere of this work is on March 8th at the Gusman Concert Hall at the University of Miami. I'm grateful for this privilege to work with so many fine musicians.

Another great opportunity has come by way of members of the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra. They will be performing my chamber ensemble piece strengthen the body/enliven the soul at their "Prelude" concerts March 24th and 25th at the Adrienne Arsht Center in downtown Miami. The caliber of performers and the venue are the greatest I have experienced in my career (albeit beginning), and I look forward to that weekend.

A third concert will happen March 31st, hosted by clarinetist Jesse Gilday of Frost School clarinetist-composers. My work Stone in Hand will receive its third performance. Other concerts this semester will be tonight's SCI concert, where my experimental work [Breathe if needed] will be performed by Guillermo Ospina, Diego Matallana, and I and my Master's recital concert, featuring works that span my two years here in Miami. 

I am excited to have been chosen to attend the ALBA Festival in Italy this May and write for the bass clarinet-marimba duo Transient Canvas. I have never been to Europe, and I have always wanted to go. I booked a flight to go to Madrid on the return trip so that I can experience a little bit more of the continent.

I am currently working on my Barlow project, Swallow for clarinet, violin, and piano.. I have mentioned it before, but I am writing it for the PULSE Chamber Trio for their Blue Ridge Chamber Music Festival. I am excited to work with these amazing performers, including my clarinet teacher Dr. Margaret Donaghue-Flavin. Following this piece, I have yet to write a song cycle, a bassoon-violin duo, and the piece for Transient Canvas. There is much to do, and I am working constantly to accomplish everything. But all things work out well with faith and hard work.

I have been blessed to have the opportunities I have at the University of Miami. I am fortunate to have been recognized and commissioned by so many wonderful people and institutions. While it only scratches the surface of what is possible for composers, I know that University of Miami has provided me a unique experience through which I could excel. Equally important, I have had a marvelous time in Miami and have valuable friendships and have grown as a person and as a student of music and life. I am still in the process of choosing a doctoral program, but I intend to continue my studies. Onward and upward!