Stone in Hand

I just finished my work Stone in Hand: A Dramatized Parable for Oboe, Clarinet, and Chimes, a commission for Julia Lougheed, an amazing clarinetist currently attending Virginia Commonwealth University.  Julia asked me to focus on the topic of forgiveness, and since then, my mind has been constantly thinking about how forgiveness works.  Though the piece contains many layers of symbolism--from the number of movements in total (seven) and the number of pitch centers in the first clarinet section (six), and the characterization of the instruments and interplay--most important in the piece is the transformation in texture and mood.  I believe this is the most complex work I have written yet, both in terms of utilizing the full capacities of the instruments (nobody writes for chimes when doing chamber music!)  and in its architecture.  Also, being 13 minutes, this will be my longest continuous piece (even though there are seven movements, there are no breaks).  I am very excited to hear this work performed and hope it is an uplifting experience for both musicians and non-musicians, performers and audience.

The exact date of the premiere of the piece is still TBD, but we are planning on it being premiered in either December or January, and because she is originally from Florida, we hope to have it premiered in Miami.  I look forward to working with the performers as we take this next step in the music-making process.  

P.S.- This piece is a consortium commission, so if you would like to join the group of premieres of this piece, you can!  We have had several generous donors already, but by joining the commission, you will be able to fund my efforts to bring inspiring music to life!  All commissioners will be considered the commissioners of the work and be able to premiere it in their city or state, being mentioned in the music.  Email me if you would like to join this commission, or if you would like to commission a new work!