If interested in working with me as a composer, teacher, or engraver as described below, contact me at dylanfindley0875@gmail.com.


Music is a living art form, and it stays alive through commissioning! If you enjoy the music you have heard on this site, consider hiring me to write for you. Because every piece is of a different scope and length, we can negotiate a fair price. I aim to compose for around $35 an hour, with most projects taking more than 20 hours to complete. 

I will also take on orchestration/arranging projects--if in the public domain--for $30 an hour.

Note: The copyright of all musical commissions remains with the composer. Half of the commission fee is due upon acceptance of the commission and the other half is due at the work's completion unless negotiated otherwise.

PRivate Music Lessons

I teach music lessons online and in the Kansas City area at all levels of experience. While I hope to provide you with the resources to be a well-rounded musician, we will plan out the best path to achieve your musical goals. My experience includes composition, clarinet, theory (common-practice harmony and 20th-century techniques), music fundamentals (notation, rhythm, melody, intervals, chords), sight singing, dictation, basic improvisation, and electroacoustic music (Pd Extended mostly) instruction at the college level. Lessons are $35 an hour in person at the students' home and $30 an hour online.


I create professional-quality digital scores and parts using the Finale music notation software. My scores and parts are MOLA compliant, meaning I follow the standards set forth by major orchestras in my work. I can engrave handwritten work or clean up a rough digital document (the more musical information, the faster the process will take). Extended techniques are welcome, though I encourage you to point them out before I begin working. I engrave for $20 an hour.