NOTE: This list has not been actively updated since 2018, but I plan to create a “master” list of opportunities in the summer. Until then, I recommend looking at last year’s opportunities, for many of them are annual.

The frustrations of keeping track of grant, commission, and competition opportunities as a composer is overwhelming. Initially, a composer sees and flees from application fees, but after compiling this list for several months, I have learned that many opportunities are free and some even will provide funding to attend a concert. I limit my entries to those that are eligible for composers from the USA. All possible instrument combinations can be found, from the most experimental to the most traditional. I hope that by the end of next year, this calendar will feature all of the ongoing opportunities that composers can prepare for. Feel free to share this calendar with friends and join this effort here (a Google sheets collaboration that provides detailed information on each event). Best of success!

Note: If not appearing correctly (especially on a mobile device), click here for the calendar.